How can I protect my organization from
password theft?

Cisco DUO

Jason Caparoso, BlackHawk Data’s
President and Chief Technology Officer  


I know what you’re thinking, “What if my user is one of the lucky ones to be the first to click the link and Cisco Umbrella does not have the domain blocked?” Dual-factor or multi-factor authentication (MFA) to the rescue.


For this, I recommend Cisco DUO. DUO is quick and easy to deploy with no required hardware and aligns with most secure remote access solutions, including VPN clients, remote access applications, and cloud-based services.


If a user’s device is already infected, a typical MFA tool would allow them access on a comprised device. DUO provides device trust to determine the health of a device before allowing it to connect. It enforces a health check at every sign on, so if a device is deemed risky it will be denied even with the correct credentials.

Give it a test drive for a free DUO trial. And even better BlackHawk Data will deploy it for you at no cost! We like it that much.

Discover why Cisco DUO is Jason's first-choice for password protection.


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