How can my remote users connect with my corporate data center? Do they even need to? 

Cisco Umbrella

Jason Caparoso, BlackHawk Data’s
President and Chief Technology Officer  


The move from on-premises applications to cloud or SaaS-based applications have made remote transition easier, but now users don’t have the corporate security features they’re used to making them easy prey for bad actors. My favorite solution for this is Cisco Umbrella. I like it because it works great, it’s quick and simple to deploy, and better yet, it requires no hardware to provide a level of protection that rivals on-premises traffic filters and firewalls!  


Cisco Umbrella is a DNS service that replaces current DNS settings in an end-user machine, so instead of your users picking up the DNS settings from their home router it uses the Umbrella DNS servers in their place. The combination of the free platform plus the commercial Umbrella service gives Cisco the ability to spot threats, patterns, malware domains, IPs and networks across the internet.

Instead of your user handing over their credentials to the bad guys and allowing them to take whatever the user has access to or to inject malware into the organization, the attack is stopped before it has a chance to wreak havoc.

Don’t just take my word for it. You can road test it for free for 14 days. Not only is the trial free, but BlackHawk Data will set it up for you for free as well.

Learn more about why Jason recommends Cisco Umbrella for supporting your remote workforce.

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