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Securing Your Hybrid Remote Setup: Cisco Umbrella

July 23rd - 3pm EST


From bringing some employees back into the office as social distancing restrictions lift, to introducing flexible working schedules, many businesses find themselves transitioning to a hybrid remote workforce. With this partially remote setup comes the need for tigher security and closer visibility as teams disperse and work in varied — and changing — environments.


Cisco Umbrella is one of the leading security solutions that provides in-depth visibility to network security and endpoint activity on dispersed networks. On July 16, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Cisco Umbrella and how it helps companies manage security in their hybrid remote environments. 

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Webinar Itinerary:

  • Overview of the basics of Umbrella and why companies choose it over competitors.

  • Demo of the product itself, so you can see the UI in action.

  • We’ll test Umbrella against its competitors by feeding 1000 malicious links to Umbrella and competing solutions in real time. We’ll see how many each solution can identify.

  • Several Cisco experts will be live on the webinar for a Q&A session.

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