About Us

Strategy, Flexibility and Change

BlackHawk Data was founded with the mission to serve our clients and vendors with the highest level of integrity, stability and respect for their people and their businesses. We take a transparent approach to doing business always being up-front and to the point. There are a lot of solution providers out there to sell you technology.

At BlackHawk Data, we’re in the business of empowering your business through the use of technology to make IT happen.


Innovation – By coming up with new ideas, solutions, and processes that enable us to create custom-built, reliable, scalable, and flexible technology solutions and services, that remove the barriers to our clients achieving their goals.

​Value – We align our creative pursuit of new ideas and solutions with our commitment to bring value to everything we do. No matter how innovative a solution may be, if it doesn’t meet the needs of our clients and help them have positive business outcomes, then it is of no value to us or you.

​Clear Client Focus – By viewing our “customers” as “client partners,” we turn a transaction of goods and services into a long-standing relationship. And like any successful relationship, we expend the effort to make sure you’re always informed and we’re always on target to deliver what we promise.

​​Every day, we not only work to build and redefine who we are now, but we own who we are becoming. Innovation with Value and a Clear Client Focus transforms our ordinary people into our extraordinary company.


BlackHawk Data, LLC
Corporate Headquarters
350 5th Ave, 59th Floor,
New York, 10118, US

Warehouse/Staging and Network Operations Center
50 Williams Parkway
Suite G
East Hanover, NJ 07936