At BlackHawk Data, we take diversity seriously. We understand that having people from many different walks of life helps us innovate and service our customers better. Our team consists of a wide array of individuals with unique perspectives and backgrounds.

When we work together, we work better. The BlackHawk team has been delivering and designing solutions for nearly three decades. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our clients.

Diversity in Our Roots

BlackHawk Data was founded by Maryann Pagano and Jason Caparoso with the mission to serve our clients and vendors with the highest level of integrity, stability and respect for their people and their businesses. We take a transparent approach to doing business by always being up-front and to the point. There are a lot of solution providers out there to sell you technology.  At BlackHawk Data, we’re in the business of empowering your company through the use of technology to make IT happen.

Integrity and inclusion are especially important to our CEO, Maryann Pagano, because of her experiences as a woman in IT. In previous jobs, Maryann found it difficult to find respect in a male-dominated IT industry, so she endeavored to create a workplace where everyone’s voice matters.

What Women-Owned Means

Our CEO, Maryann Pagano, talks about her experience as a woman leader and how she has overcome her struggles as a woman in the IT industry.

Woman of the Channel

BlackHawk Data’s CEO, Maryann Pagano, was honored by being the first guest feature on Woman of the Week (WOW) by Women of the Channel. Women of the Channel is an organization dedicated to supporting women in the IT industry.

Woman-Owned Wednesday

Every Wednesday, BlackHawk Data shares important statistics, advice, articles and stories about woman-owned businesses. It’s our way of supporting our fellow woman-owned businesses and spreading good news about woman-empwoerment in New York, the United States and beyond. Follow us on social to see our weekly updates.

Partner with Our Team

BlackHawk Data isn’t just a team of IT experts. We are an innovative, committed, client-focused group of people that has taken an oath to deliver excellent service. We’ll never just sell you technology and walk away. At BlackHawk, we partner with your business to provide continuous monitoring, service and support. To learn more about partnering with us, contact us today.

At BlackHawk Data, we’re in the business of empowering your business through the use of technology to make IT happen.