The Speed of Light is Only the Beginning


For more than a decade, services providers and enterprises alike have relied on the experts at BlackHawk Data for metro, regional, long haul, and data center optical transport networks. Our engineers have more than three decades of experience when it comes to transporting huge quantities of data at high rates over great distances, serving federal, state and local government agencies in the aviation, rail, transportation and public safety arenas.


Multi-vendor, multi-technology equipment networks are increasingly becoming the standard. Gone are the days of single manufacturer, end-to-end transport infrastructures. A router from one manufacturer isn’t always plug-and-play friendly with a transponder from another manufacturer, nor does it always represent the best solution.

Our optical transport aggregation solutions integrate Packet, SONET, and OTN aggregation and switching into the DWDM transport platform. This allows you to realize the benefits of efficient wavelength fill and tight communication among network layers.

As the optical transport industry consolidates around coherent technology for DWDM transport of 100 Gb services, BlackHawk’s team of experts have demonstrated our clear position of leadership. Our solutions offer the best performance, smallest footprint, highest density, and lowest power consumption available today to scale to even greater densities and higher bit rates, leading to 400 gigabit and terabit transport.

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