Get To Know Your Network

Unlock the Mystery or Verify the Suspicions 

For Over Two Decades We Have Been Uncovering the Unkowns

Discover what you have and what you missed

​Complete Inventory

Lifecycle Review

Code Reviews

Identify Vulnerabilities 

Single points of Failure


Security Holes

Configuration Review 

Best Practice Audit

Get a New Perspective on the Network  

Network Outages Cost Millions but can be avoided for a fraction of the cost 

“Our research found that the cost of ICT downtime is substantial, from $1 million a year for a typical mid-size company to over $60 million for a large enterprise,” 

“The main cost of downtime is lost productivity and revenue. Fixing the problem is a minor cost factor, which means a small investment in increasing the reliability of ICT systems will provide an outsized return by reducing productivity and revenue losses,” 

Published Study by IHS 

Gain a New Perspective 

Discover the hidden issues that cause performance and stability issues

Discover the hidden issues that cause performance and stability issues

Uncover existing or potential threats

Remove leftover devices, configuration, or other trash build up forgotten over the years

Ensure standards, best practices and compliance measures are met 

Gain a view in the network's current state

Understand current Security posture, exposures and possible gaps

What Our Customers Say

Evan Jackson,  IT Director

BlackHawk saved me countless hours when I was faced with a  Compliance audit. Their assessment provided all of the information we needed ; and they even generated the compliance for us 

Paul Gulch, Operations Manager

The engineering team at BlackHawk found numerous issues within our retail networks  and helped us re-mediate them , from start to finish two weeks . Outstanding!  

Micole Sevln, CSO 

BlackHawk  Data ran an assessment for us, alerting me within hours  from the start of the assessment that we had  a comprised device  on the production network which no one on the internal Team Knew  of. 

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