Network and Security Optimization

Not Knowing Will Cost You

Ransomware is quickly becoming a $1 billion annual market with hackers targeting both the public and private sectors, enterprise and SMB, and anyone who lets them in the door. And you won’t even know it because it may takes months, or even a year, until a threat is discovered, and that’s usually too late. 


The best way to stop ransomware before it wreaks havoc on your business is to identify any gaps in your network and security, and close them right away. Because what you don’t know, will cost you. 

Network and Security Optimization Assessment

BlackHawk Data’s thorough and pain-free Network and Security Optimization Assessment provides a holistic view into your entire infrastructure, and helps you secure your environment to catch zero-day threats before they become breaches. 

Non-invasive Network TAP 

Monitors all traffic—where it’s going and what it contains—to know what can be mitigated and thwart security risks

5 Minutes= $ Millions

 In ransom, legal fees, and loss of revenue 

Meaningful, Actionable Report 

And a staff that can help you resolve issues right away

Optimize Your Infrastructure

Don’t need to buy new hardware or spend thousands, we help you use the valuable tools you may not know you already have

Peace of Mind

When we’re done, we can prove your level of security so you can rest assured

Passion and Experience

Our team of engineers has more than 20 year of experience helping clients safeguard their data, businesses, and reputations, and we love outsmarting hackers

Optimize Your Future

Design. Deliver. SecureIT.

Who Needs a Network and Security Optimization Assessment?

If you have a business and aren’t 100% sure that your network and security are at peak performance, then you need a Network and Security Optimization Assessment. 

Running IoT Devices 

IoT is a huge target since they don’t contain endpoint protection

Voice Infrastructure

No firewalls to protect your contact center

Compliance Requirements

Prove your secure or you could be at risk

Cyber Insurance

Require audits before a pay out and assessments from the start to prove best practices

Cheaper Just to Pay the Ransom

This is a vicious cycle—if you’re hit once, they will do it again, and next time their demands will be beyond expectation

Industries that benefit from

a Network and Security

Optimization Assessment:

  • Financial 

  • Law firms

  • Government agencies

  • Construction

  • Real estate

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation 

  • Warehouses

What You Get with Your Network and Security Optimization Assessment:

  • Free Penetration Test to see into your entire infrastructure to know your risk.  

  • Actionable Plan to mitigate current issues and prevent new attacks

  • Stronger Security using the infrastructure you have and filling in the gaps

  • Expert Support from an experienced team that lives and breathes security

  • Peace of Mind knowing your network and security won't let you down

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