Staying connected is especially important and can be tricky when everyone is working from home. We’ve received a lot of questions from customers, regarding communication and collaboration solutions. In this 4-part series, Sam Opeyemi, BlackHawk Data’s Vice President of Engineering, offers sage advice to enable your team to work effectively, no matter their location.

Remember just a few months ago how the thought of one more meeting in your day could send you over the edge? Now we’re all clamoring to be seen and heard, and see and hear others in real-time. Virtual meetings are becoming more meaningful for businesses and their employees to interact in a new way that creates a new kind of collaboration and closeness.

Question: How can I host a virtual meeting?

Answer: There are a lot of choices for virtual meeting solutions as businesses and people every day are looking for a way to connect to others and keep their businesses productive. And with the rise of demand so come the hacks. It’s not just about having a video meeting, it’s about keeping your data, intellectual property, strategy and employees safe from bad actors.

That’s why I only recommend Cisco Webex Meetings. While other solutions have been regularly hacked, Webex Meetings has a Cisco security backbone, meaning you can focus on staying on-point during your meeting, instead on your security. With end-to-end encryption and TLS 1.2 encryption along the rich features and capabilities that comes with Cisco Webex platforms, you can open up the floor to new ideas instead of opening your network to attacks.

And it’s very easy to use, whether partipants have a Webex account or not. Here are some of the great features Webex Meetings provides:

  • Host up to 100 participants in each meeting
  • Meet as long as you want
  • Call-in for audio (in addition to existing VoIP capabilities)
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Desktop, application, file, and whiteboard sharing options
  • Webex Personal Room
  • Calendar integrations
  • Share web-based multimedia content
  • Webex Teams collaboration features

Cisco is now offering free Webex. You can sign up for a free Webex account and start using Webex Meetings in a matter of seconds. Even if you already have Webex, BlackHawk Data can help you get started with Cisco Webex edge audio and calendar connector for seamless pre-meeting experience.

About Sam

With more than 17 years of experience designing and building unified collaboration (UC) suites for voice, video and call center solutions in IT infrastructures, Sam has developed innovative UC strategies and provided trusted technical and practical advice to a wealth of client, enabling them to get more out of their IT.

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