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How to Detect and Contain
Ransomware Before It Wreaks Havoc

Watch the replay to discover:

  • The most telltale signs of ransomware attackers broken down by MITRE category
  • Threat hunting techniques that can uncover these early warnings
  • How network monitoring and EDR technologies can support your hunting efforts

FortiVoice Virtual Event

In our newly remote workforce, phone call security and compliance is more important than ever. But compliance and customer service licenses are expensive. FortiVoice is a fraction of the cost of its competitors, but more importantly, it keeps your phone calls secure.

Watch a recorded demo and learn more in this webinar.

Securing Your Hybrid Remote Setup: Cisco Duo

Many businesses are finding themselves in a time of transition following COVID-19. Organizations are now considering shifting to a hybrid remote workforce. When implementing this partially remote setup, organizations must have a solution for tighter security as their teams disperse and work in varied environments.

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Securing Your Hybrid Remote Setup: Cisco Umbrella

From bringing some employees back into the office as social distancing restrictions lift, to introducing flexible working schedules, many businesses find themselves transitioning to a hybrid remote workforce. With this partially remote setup comes the need for tigher security and closer visibility as teams disperse and work in varied — and changing — environments.