How “Network as-a-Service” can work for you!

The digital revolution is sweeping through every industry. The real-estate industry is no exception. Customers want better, faster and on-demand services. However, when commercial tenants move into a building, they’re faced with a tough trek to make their digital dream a reality, including the where, how and what different pieces of IT equipment must be procured and integrated.

Tasks such as getting internet circuits delivered, setting up the internet with the right security, getting Wi-Fi and IP phone services turned on and getting PCs provisioned with the right security software are all huge drains on upfront capital and time. These tasks often delay and sour the whole experience of moving into a new space. On top of this, the equipment must be constantly monitored and maintained which adds to internal IT costs and adds more hiring cycles. It’s just not On-Demand.

Network-as-a-Service is the Easy Button

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is the quick, efficient and secure way to stand up a network with all the essentials that a business needs to get up and running on Day 1 without having to pay monstrous capital costs upfront.

It allows tenant to move into an office that already has internet circuits delivered, secured and maintained. The Wi-Fi, IP phones, desktops, laptops and PCs are already provisioned and ready to go.

In addition to all of the provisioning and setup, BlackHawk Data takes it one step further with 24×7 helpdesk for everything from desktop to network support, provisioned and structured to scale as business grows. Our team enables tenants to concentrate on business and pay attention to the important day to day tasks that will help them succeed.

What NaaS Means for Building Owners

  • Expand revenue streams by offering additional business services
  • Elevate the tenant experience with 24×7 network monitoring and immediate response times to their IT needs
  • Protect tenant investments and your own with digital security and physical security of each office and the entire building
  • Provide cybersecurity insurance giving tenants peace of mind and strengthening your security posture
  • Gain recognition as a pioneer (and increase demand) by providing white-glove business

What NaaS Means for Tenants

  • Increased efficiency and no tech worries starting on Day 1
  • Budget-friendly operational expense instead of up-front capital expenditures for equipment and IT management
  • Enterprise-grade internet services and network security
  • Immediate connectivity with IP phone set up
  • PC, laptop and printer installation prior to start of business
  • Ongoing maintenance and helpdesk support covered throughout lease term

BlackHawk Data can help building owners and managers build happier, loyal tenants while generating additional revenue.

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