Our Commitment to Diversity

How Does BlackHawk Data Support Diversity?

BlackHawk Data is a women owned small business enterprise ( MWBE / WBE / SBE ) that provides opportunities for other diverse businesses to be successful. Diversity for us includes internal, external, organizational, and world views. Being around people who are different makes us more creative, diligent, and hard working.

We strongly feel diversity drives innovation.

“We need diversity if we are to change, grow and innovate,”

Dr. Katherine W. Phillips

Sharing Our Prosperity

BlackHawk Data acts on our economic and social responsibilities to the communities in which we live and conduct business. We actively support business development and growth through all our networks. As a leader in the diversity community for Minority and Women Owned Businesses ( MWBE ), we feel responsible to support and give back to the professional growth of other diverse businesses through mentoring programs, academic programs, and workshops.

Our goal is to empower other diversity businesses and leaders, helping them develop the skills and the contacts they need to successfully operate, sustain, and grow a business.

Why Is Buying Through Diverse Partners Important?

From geography and gender to race and equality, diversity in its many forms drives innovation. Different perspectives, skills and experiences help solve problems in new and innovative ways. Diverse Minority and Women Owned Businesses ( MWBE ) help to drive the economy, but also face more obstacles in starting and growing their businesses. Eliminating barriers that prevent the success of such businesses is an economic imperative that can spur innovation and improve productivity, which will create jobs, build wealth and help grow the economy.

It’s important to know that not all diversity businesses are cut from the same cloth and do not all behave the same way. For diversity in IT, the challenges are exceptional since most IT businesses are not run by diversity owners. You not only have to be super ambitious, but also need the chops to succeed.

We have made it our goal to help foster, celebrate, and coach other diversity leaders and entrepreneurs with their goals. To share ideas on how to excel in all levels of business. Buying diversity helps empower owners to be successful and provide financial security to not only themselves, but those that work for them. Everyone should work together to help promote women in business.

Our Partners

When we are a customer looking for partners to work with, from courier services to the people we hire to do work on our office space, we look for diversity. We look to support diverse and small businesses when we make selections. It’s important to us to continue to support the communities in which we work, live, and play.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse IT problems require diverse solutions, and we’ve built our teams around that principle. After all, when people with different backgrounds and beliefs come together, the entire team benefits. That’s why we’re committed to being an equal opportunity employer.

Regardless of sex, gender identity, religion, or color, everyone is always welcome at BlackHawk Data.

A Message from Our CEO

The best advice I have gotten in my journey:

  • Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up no matter how many obstacles are thrown in your path.
    Use them to make you stronger.
  • If you believe in yourself and what you are doing and are passionate about it, you will succeed. Patience!
  • Turn any “no” into “not yet.” 
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Turn failure into a lesson learned. 
  • Doubters and haters will always be out there wanting to stop you from succeeding.
    Don’t give them any power over your success. Only you hold the key!
  • Surround yourself with people that support you. 
  • Never stop growing or learning. 
  • If you are the smartest person in the room, find another room. You can always find something you need to learn.
If I had to ask people to describe what is essential in growing a diverse business: Authenticity. 

Always be your true authentic self with yourself, your partners, clients, and vendor partners.  Empower your team to leverage the same authenticity in building relationships with clients and vendors. 

We believe that change is possible, that making diversity important can happen. Businesses need to start choosing community over just pure profit.

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