Data Center

The data center is not dead; it needs to be reimagined.

As organizations have embraced the concept of cloud computing and migrated workloads into public clouds, they have sought uniformity, comparable efficiency and agility in their on-premises environments.

This movement to fully embracing the cloud has driven architectural changes and challenges that need to be addressed throughout the hybrid infrastructure.

​The Public Cloud Isn’t for Everyone

Expanding into the public cloud presents accountability, cost and compliance challenges. Business policies governing network security, monitoring and service reliability must be consistent regardless of where workloads reside. Accountability cannot be compromised at the expense of the benefits of the public cloud.

The Hybrid Cloud Can Help

BlackHawk has extended the range of physical platforms that are offered in the on-premises network with a strategy for the hybrid cloud. Our hybrid cloud solution consists of leveraging the same fully featured software deployed in data centers today, now deployed as a virtualized platform within any public cloud services. BlackHawk has selected platforms that support native cloud API integration and full support for automation.

BlackHawk Data understands how to execute effective hybrid data center solutions that are based upon our years of experience deploying highly modular, resilient, open, state-centric networks in which our customers can add their own scripts, extensions and management tools.

Our approach delivers highly efficient, seamless and effective cloud IT infrastructures by integrating:

  • Cloud networking platforms that provide high-performance and scale for any environment that can integrate with any cloud compute, storage or security solution.
  • Solutions that create successful cloud deployments and significant savings in OpEx and CapEx for lower TCO.
  • Scalable designs that can support any scale and performance requirement.
  • A continuous and proven history of innovations and investment protection.

Our unique offerings integrate LAN-WAN-SAN-MAN to provide workload mobility, workflow monitoring and visibility along with real-time network telemetry for integration with cloud operations, administration tools, and drive the dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership demanded by our customers.

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