Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Reduce IT complexity, obsolescence, and costs by moving your IT infrastructure to BlackHawk Managed IaaS. We provide colocation, disaster recovery, and storage infrastructure in public, private or hybrid clouds that can make your organization more manageable, secure, and scalable at a much lower cost.


Because IaaS is a pay-as-you-go service, your organization has control and flexibility over cost.


If your need for IaaS varies throughout the year, you can save money by reducing your reliance on the service. Because IaaS is offered in a private or public cloud setting, you have control over what’s stored where. And, as public cloud storage is often more cost-effective than a private cloud, less sensitive data or non-business critical computing needs can be facilitated through a public cloud for further cost savings.

Since you aren’t buying and supporting infrastructure yourself on-site, you can reduce IT management costs, which can quickly add up.


As mentioned earlier, IaaS can be quickly and easily scaled, both up and down, letting you pay only for what you use. IaaS’ scalability is possible because each resource within the infrastructure is offered as a separate service. By separating services, an enterprise can select what services to rent and for how long, which gives you more control over your resources.

Streamline Focus

IaaS also eliminates the need for individual enterprises to manage physical servers, which allows you to focus on business-developing activities as opposed to time-consuming IT infrastructure demands.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity with IaaS and its cloud-based services is a major selling point for many enterprises. Cloud storage and management means your data is stored in different locations and your information is protected, in the event of a disaster or outage at your organization.

Faster Uptime

IaaS allows your customers to access servers nearest to their geographic location and guarantees service-level agreement (SLA) both in terms of uptime and performance.

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