Inform Your Decisions with Assessments

BlackHawk Data provides tailored assessments to help you identify three critical factors in your environment: what is working and crucial to your organization, what is working but needs to be improved upon, and what does not work or stalls business.

Our assessments provide valuable insight you can use to inform your decisions.


Knowing what is exposed on the edge, the cloud, or vulnerabilities (either remote or internal) will give you the advantage over would-be attackers.

When it comes to security, we start with an external assessment scan of services, DNS architecture, open ports, known vulnerabilities, and reports on viable entry points. We also check issues with websites, mail service configurations, VPNs, and exposed external resources. 

Our team will also search the dark web for your domain to see if user credentials related to your organization have been posted in the common hacker forums and paste bins.


When was the last time you upgraded code levels, reviewed interface counters, checked for single points of failures, memory, and CPU levels?

Our assessment process is to discover all your connected devices—not just the ones on the architecture diagram. Often, the unknown is far worse than the known.

An infrastructure assessment provides an independent view into the organization’s internal workings, concentrating on high-priority issues. The process will provide an overview of the infrastructure rating severity of found issues and recommended actions for remediation. This snapshot of your infrastructure allows you to identify gaps, single points of failure, and vulnerabilities. Our assessment provides a roadmap of where you are to where you need to be.


Inadequate coverage and throughput of the wireless network is the number one cause of user frustration, service tickets, and complaints. Our wireless experts will perform two surveys: a predictive and an on-site corrective.

Wireless Assessments cover:

  • Low coverage
  • High Interference
  • Misconfigured SSIDs
  • Defective Access Points
  • Rogue Access Points
  • Misconfigured 802.11 settings
  • Connectivity and Latency
  • Insufficient Capacity

The predictive survey will provide the ideal locations and number of APs to achieve optimal wireless performance in all areas. The corrective survey will verify the prediction on-site and identify the issues with the current deployment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

The first step in a cloud journey is to determine if you should be heading there in the first place and what can or should be migrated. The assessment will evaluate your current environment and address several readiness issues to ensure a smooth, effective transition.

During the Cloud Readiness Assessment, our experts will provide a report and remedial plans for:

  • Cloud proficiency and knowledge gaps.
  • IT environment readiness gaps.
  • Cloud computing best practice and methodology readiness gaps.
  • Business and IT organizational readiness gaps.
  • Infrastructure, capacity, and performance management.
  • Security and compliance.
Cloud Services Assessment

When the transition has begun to the cloud, several key components can be the difference between success and failure. The migration process can be overwhelming, and many pieces may be overlooked due to timelines, insufficient knowledge, and the steep learning curve associated with cloud environments.

During the Cloud Services Assessment, our experts will review current cloud deployments and provide a best practice recommendation remediation plan that includes:

  • Security Compliance
  • High Availability
  • Recovery and Backup
  • License Management
  • Cost Optimization

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Inform Your Decisions with Assessments

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