BlackHawk Data’s approach is to show you the benefits, the drawbacks, costs, and why one cloud environment is a better fit over another for you.

The cloud is a platform that provides:




The cloud removes the need for:






Support Overhead

There is a balance of cloud vs. on-premise, which varies for each business. Our goal is to show you the path of when and how to benefit from the cloud.

Why Choose BlackHawk Instead of Going Straight to the Provider?

BlackHawk provides organizations with more than 40 cloud solution options. We have vetted the top suppliers for each technology, and we understand their strengths and weaknesses in each category. We have also assessed the optimal suppliers for your specific verticals, including healthcare, financial services, government, education, professional services, transportation, food and manufacturing, and pharmaceutical.

BlackHawk helps organizations strategize, source, and implement custom cloud solutions. From our portfolio of 40+ approved cloud suppliers, we will help you determine the right public, private or hybrid cloud solution for your needs.

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