Strategic Planning

Take a moment to step back and look to the future—imagine how it should be. Now that you have that vision, let’s put the plan in place to get you there.

Our Plans Are Different

Strategic planning is not a project plan, checkboxes, milestones or punch lists. Those are items related to a project task. BlackHawk Data views a strategic plan as a process that takes people, business needs, systems, dependencies, support and use cases, and maps them into a technology plan.

Our plans revolve around a full integration of systems, processes and the people who use and support them.

Removing the Siloed System

BlackHawk Data’s process of planning reduces risk and accelerates adoption by capturing information from users, integrators, developers and stakeholders to provide the full picture. Removing the typical siloed workflows in technical planning is the key to having a supported interoperable system.

Tested Methodologies

Just like visions, strategic plans are different for everyone but they follow the same methodology: start by setting the goal, then review the current state of the systems—the outcome will define the path.

Our strategic plans cover all facets of the technology stack:

  • Roll Out
  • User and Customer Adoption
  • Training
  • Support

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