Design & Integration


The words design and integration are tossed around too frequently with the true meaning being lost in marketing jargon.

A good design of any system should include the standard fundamentals:


Our standards-based designs ensure that any other system that follows governing bodies of the internet like IEEE, MEF, IETF or others will integrate into the system without requiring modifications. This also avoids proprietary protocols causing vendor lock-in and incapability in products between manufacturers.

Reliability and Redundancy

Every system should be designed for maximum uptime as reasonably dictated by budget and acceptable risk. The design for full redundancy has an upfront cost but may have significant savings in operational efficiency, while other systems require maximum uptime for public safety such as train signal systems and tunnel ventilation.

Support and Visibility

The design needs to allow for a support model sustainable to the individual organization. Our support gives you the ability to determine:

  • Traffic flows.
  • User connections.
  • Performance and health.

Support is a critical component in design—if the operations teams and supporting staff are unable to troubleshoot or explain the design to a third party, the system will ultimately be seen as a failure.

User Adoption

User adoption is the key to a successful design. The best ROI for a system is to have the users benefit and increase productivity or sales. We believe that a crucial part of design and integration is having your user community, training and support in place. Change is one of the most difficult challenges faced in technology. The first consideration should be “will it benefit the user?”


Integration is what is missing from almost every integrator. Over the past 20 years, we have seen many installers being called integrators, but the task of integration starts with communication—not on the system level, but the human level. Our responsibility as the integrator is to open communication with all system and application owners as well as users and key members of your organization. The overall goal for any integrator should be having the entire system function whether it is on-prem, cloud or a hybrid. All factors need to be considered during planning.

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