Tested Methodologies That Solve Unique Needs

Fundamentally, all technologies support the same function—the transfer of information. Everything in technology follows the same binary data flow, relying on standards-based protocols which is the foundation of intersystem communication; deviation from this standard begins to deteriorate the ability of the system.

At BlackHawk Data, we believe that all industries share a common foundation, the data may be unique to the industry, some have different requirements, but the transfer is always the same. No one company needs a one-off network.

Not Every Business Needs Bespoke Networks

All too often, businesses view their own uniqueness as a requirement of a one-of-a-kind system artisanally crafted to fit their needs. The allure may be enticing, but creating a network environment will lead to challenges in integration with other systems, communication, visibility, monitoring, upgrades, and the ability to have support from anyone beyond the creator.

How We Tackle Industry Challenges

We believe the right approach is to create a standard that can be easily cloned, allows easy integration, simplify troubleshooting, and creates the foundation of every system.
Small and Medium Business IT Challenges:
  • Looking for an edge to improve options and differentiate from competitors.
  • Having no or a small IT staff to ensure all business functions can run smoothly.
  • Lack of funds, feeling that IT takes on too large of a burden.
  • Not enough understanding of data security and compliance.
  • Most IT partners are too big to understand small businesses.
  • How to support an IT infrastructure.


Higher Education IT Challenges
  • The world today has changed the way teachers teach and students learn.
  • Information and resources need to be available anywhere at any time.
  • Staying within budget, while keeping technology up to date.
  • Keeping students and faculty safe while on schools’ grounds.
Transportation IT Challenges:
  • Keeping track of mass transit, freight trucking, aviation, or ports.
  • Knowing where everyone is all the time.
  • Make technology-embrace transportation systems into more agile organizations that can address the rapid change of business and enhance profitability.
  • Creating solutions for logistics, productivity, and time to market.
Healthcare IT Challenges:
  • Primary care doctors proving all types of preventive care whether in the office or via telehealth.
  • Hospitals providing patients with everything from emergency visits to handling a global pandemic.
  • Nursing systems to give the best care possible to all aging populations.
  • Providing the ability for doctors and nurses to provide their patients with collaborative effective communication.
  • Immediate access to data while ensuring all solutions are HIPPA compliant.
  • Reliable uptime on network performance making sure data is always available.


Pharmaceutical (Life Sciences) IT Challenges:
  • The life science industry is increasingly complicated.
  • Restrict access to medications.
  • Test equipment always available via IoT.
  • Research, development, and data resources available anywhere, anytime.
  • Storage and distribution facilities.
  • Protecting products from discovery through distribution and everything in between.


Food and Manufacturing IT Challenges:
  • Technology should help you optimize your operations but meet all the needed areas of security while providing a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • You should look to ensure your incoming shipments and outgoing deliveries.
  • Protecting facilities, people, inventory, and processes secure.


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