Private Cellular Network

Transform your business operations with unprecedented private 5G speed and reliability.

Redefining Your Network

For organizations spanning large areas, Private 5G offers a revolutionary cable-less network extension. Fast to deploy, secure, and cost-effective, it’s the ideal solution for ensuring robust connectivity across extensive spaces without the complexity and expense of traditional wiring.

The Case for Private 5G

Private 5G is the future-proof solution your business needs for unparalleled connectivity. Tailored for enterprises with extensive operational areas, it delivers a secure, swift, and scalable network infrastructure without the limitations of traditional wiring. This cutting-edge technology ensures rapid deployment across vast spaces, offering a cost-efficient approach to manage your connectivity needs. Embrace Private 5G to enhance operational efficiency, secure data transmission, and gain a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.


Reliable Coverage

A Private 5G solution offers superior wireless coverage by leveraging higher transmit power, lower noise floor, and low wireless interference spectrum. This results in more pervasive and reliable wireless connectivity across the facility, including traditionally hard-to-reach areas.

Rapid Deployment

Setting up a Private 5G network is quick and straightforward, allowing you to get your network up and running in no time. Forget the long waits and extensive setup times associated with traditional wired networks. This also enables temporary locations to redeploy at a fast pace.


Extend your network across large areas without the need for cables. Private 5G is a seamless, wireless solution that brings connectivity to every corner of your space, no matter how vast. This approach eliminates the logistical and financial burdens of physical wiring while also accelerating network deployment.


Private 5G has a higher coverage range compared to traditional Wi-Fi networks, which means fewer access points are required to provide comprehensive coverage. This reduces the complexity of mesh deployments and the need for extensive cabling installations.

What to Expect

Effortless Setup

Expect a hassle-free setup process managed entirely by BlackHawk Data, with your network up and running in as little as an hour. Our experts handle every detail, ensuring a smooth transition.

Seamless Integration

Your Private 5G network will feel like a natural extension of your existing infrastructure, providing a seamless blend of speed, security, and reliability without any disruption to your operations.

Transparent Management

Gain insights and maintain control with access to our solution portal. It offers transparency and detailed reporting at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Managed Support

Receive expert, ongoing support tailored to your needs. BlackHawk Data is not just a provider but a dedicated partner in your network’s success.

See It in Action

See first hand how you can deploy your Private 5G network in just over an hour.

Transform Business with Private 5G Network


Education: Install campus-wide cameras using existing or solar power to boost surveillance without extra cabling. Offer portable panic buttons on a Private 5G network for quick emergency alerts and integration with CCTV for fast responses. Implement sirens activated by panic buttons to alert people and law enforcement nearby, enhancing safety and potentially preventing tragedies.

Municipal: Expand coverage to reach large and remote areas, boost network capacity for many devices and various needs, add new tech like security and digital signage to improve experiences, and easily connect distant buildings without affecting current systems.


Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain: Improve mobility for constant connection of vehicles and devices in large facilities, extend coverage widely indoors and outdoors, control data traffic by priority, and enhance signal strength in areas with metal structures or complex layouts.

Transportation: Private 5G networks in airports enhance security with advanced surveillance and secure channels, improve operational efficiency with high-speed connectivity for passengers and staff, and offer flexible infrastructure that adapts to new technologies without major upgrades. Despite initial costs, they provide long-term savings by consolidating systems, reducing maintenance, and lowering operating expenses compared to traditional networks.

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Manufacturing and Construction

Private 5G networks boost manufacturing with high-speed connectivity for real-time communication between machines and personnel, enhancing efficiency. They enable wireless automation, allowing remote control and diagnostics of machinery, reducing downtime. Private 5G enhances supply chain visibility with real-time tracking, improving decision-making and supply chain resilience. Additionally, it ensures a safer work environment through secure communication for safety systems and surveillance, reducing risks.


Private 5G enhances healthcare by enabling real-time patient monitoring, improving telemedicine with minimal delays, and offering instant access to medical records, facilitating faster emergency responses. It supports smart hospital operations with automated systems, ensures data security, accelerates medical imaging transfers for quicker diagnoses, and boosts wearable technology for continuous health monitoring.


Neutral host networks enhance connectivity in busy areas through shared infrastructure for various carriers, ensuring seamless coverage and reducing congestion. They provide a cost-efficient way to expand wireless coverage without redundant infrastructure, optimizing network performance.

Events and Entertainment

Private 5G networks boost event spaces with fast, reliable connectivity for seamless internet access, live streaming, and social engagement. They enable immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences, streamline entry with mobile ticketing, and offer personalized services through data analytics. Live engagement tools provide instant feedback, improving event responsiveness. Secure communication channels ensure smooth and safe event management.


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