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by | May 26, 2021 | Success Stories

A Tale of Two (or Three) Contact Centers

Contact center solutions have been helping organizations increase sales and avoid lost opportunities, build customer relationships and loyalty, and increase employee productivity and satisfaction for years now. But choosing the correct solution for your business can be costly and time-consuming without the proper guidance.

With so many options for contact center solutions available today, it can be hard to select one that meets your unique needs. Departments within a business may require different functions to be successful and promote customer loyalty, and oftentimes, companies are left trying to string multiple solutions together to gain all the functionality and features they desire – from automated chat to email, voice options, and more.

This tale is all too common for companies today and is exactly what one New York City-based BlackHawk Data client was experiencing.

Avoiding ‘Analysis Paralysis’

After an initial review with the client, BlackHawk Data set to work conducting discovery calls with each department to truly understand their needs and how they felt a contact center solution would best benefit them. Because of our familiarity in the contact center space, once we understood the client’s ‘big picture’ we had an idea of which vendors might work well with them.

Our team took the legwork out of searching for a contact center vendor by attending demos and preparing proofs of concept, ultimately weeding out solutions that just weren’t a good fit. Once we had a shortlist of viable options for our client, we presented them all to key stakeholders to ensure they lived up to their expectations.

Because our client is a non-profit organization, they had to submit an RFP to obtain the funding necessary to complete the project. Our team at BlackHawk helped author the RFP documentation to ensure the organization remained in compliance with State and Federal guidelines, while still maximizing its investment.

Once all RFP responses were submitted, our team helped senior management weigh all options to ensure they were making the correct choice. This helped boost confidence in the solution and allowed senior members of the organization to really get excited about the next phase of the project – deployment!

How We Were Successful

Once a contact center solution was chosen, it was time to start measuring the results. With the help of the entire BlackHawk Data team our client enjoyed the following benefits:

  • ROI – By no longer leveraging multiple contact center solutions they saw immediate cost savings, boosting their ROI
  • Minimal Business Disruptions – Our team was able to implement the new contact center solution without disrupting the departments that depend on it to do their jobs
  • No Surprises – Sifting through multiple vendors to select the appropriate one for our client allowed us to truly understand the capabilities and set the right expectation for project stakeholders and senior management. That way, there were no surprises when it came time to go live with the new solution.

Final Thoughts

At BlackHawk Data, a certified Minority or Women Owned Business (MWBE), we are passionate about working with our clients to ensure the technology solutions they choose to implement are working for them.

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