Revolutionizing Network Infrastructure for a Community-Based Healthcare Organization

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Success Stories

BlackHawk Data was established with a unique customer-centric approach. Founded by Maryann Pagano and Jason Caparoso who left their comfortable jobs to reinvent the IT service space; they aimed to eliminate traditional barriers of management that impede high-quality service. Today, the company stands out as an industry trailblazer serving both public sector entities and private enterprises, transforming the conceptualization, delivery, and management of technology.

Key Capabilities and Expertise

BlackHawk Data boasts an impressive array of capabilities, spanning networking solutions, cloud and data center services, security, collaboration and communication tools, professional services, cybersecurity solutions, and IT management. Their cloud offerings cover a wider range of services, including Office 365, Azure, and AWS migrations, as well as cloud backup and security. In the realm of collaboration, BlackHawk Data excels in Voice Over IP, Contact Center, and Video Services.

The Challenge

The complexities surrounding the case, attached a legacy non-profit healthcare organization that had served NYC communities for over a century. The organization’s IT infrastructure, burdened with antiquated and expensive networking equipment including MPLS circuits, caused substantial operational challenges.

Their long-standing direct contract with a nationwide carrier severely limited their control over their own network, thus incurring substantial monthly fees just to sustain connectivity. Making any modifications or dealing with potential service failures was a long-drawn-out process, often taking several months due to their outdated circuitry.

Additionally, the limited MPLS design routed all traffic via the headquarters, stifling production speeds and efficiency. Considering the essential nature of their service, the organization was in urgent need of technological acceleration.

The Solution

BlackHawk Data constructed an innovative, cost-effective solution that eliminated the burdensome MPLS circuits while revitalizing the network equipment to improve functionality and cybersecurity. By switching the MPLS with broadband and dedicated internet circuits, connectivity was assured at a notably reduced cost.

The revolutionary aspect of the solution was the complete overhaul of the existing network equipment. BlackHawk Data transitioned the organization from their former Cisco firewalls to FortiGate routers, utilizing SD-WAN to improve security and establish direct connections to cloud services, thereby effectively addressing the corporate location bandwidth bottleneck.

Recognizing the critical necessity of maintaining an operational status quo during the transformation process, the BlackHawk engineering team devised a dual network system. They developed the FortiGate solution in parallel with the existing MPLS network, adding an additional DMVPN network to ensure zero service disruption during migration. The successful implementation of this project exemplifies BlackHawk Data’s devotion to customer-first solutions and their expert approach to tackling infrastructural challenges.

Characteristic of BlackHawk Data’s mission, the solutions offered harnessed the power of modern technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance security — all especially critical within the context of healthcare service delivery. It stands as a testament to what BlackHawk Data can achieve when deploying its resources and expertise within the industry.

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BlackHawk Data recently hosted an interview with five women in tech to get their thoughts on diversity in the IT channel. You’ve already heard some of their perspectives in the quotes above. If you’re looking to continue the conversation, watch the full interview by clicking the button.

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