Proud to Be a
Woman-Owned Business

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BlackHawk Data: Proud to Be a Woman-Owned Business

BlackHawk Data places a lot of importance on celebrating diversity. Our diverse team allows us to tackle challenges from many different perspectives and backgrounds. As a woman-owned business, BlackHawk Data has learned to overcome challenges to provide the best IT services to our customers. It also allowed us to become a strong, dedicated partner to our vendors. Overcoming those challenges helped teach us how to support our customers in a way that makes each interaction unique or special. This helps us to offer our clients the best IT solutions that are uniquely geared to every customer

Why Are Women-Owned Businesses Important?

Women-owned businesses in the United States employ more than 9.4 million people and generated 1.85 trillion in 2019. That’s a lot of lives affected, but women-owned businesses contribute more to communities than just dollars. Women bring different perspectives to work, which allows for more innovation and creative solutions to problems.

At BlackHawk Data, we’ve made it our mission to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. When we include everyone in the conversation, we make progress happen.

Our CEO’s Journey as a Woman in IT

Our CEO, Maryann Pagano, started her journey as a business owner because she wanted to create a place where women in IT could thrive. Working in a male-dominated industry often meant that Maryann was excluded from the room when decisions were made.

At BlackHawk Data, everyone is encouraged to contribute. Today, Maryann works with other women-entrepreneurs to coach them on their journey to success. It’s her mission to help women find support as well as room to learn and grow.

How to Support Women

Everyone can stand with women to create more space for them in the business world. Coaching, mentoring and empowering women to grow and learn in your own workplace is one way to help. Of course, supporting women-owned businesses is just as crucial. When you buy woman-owned, you help support the entire community.

The BlackHawk Data Difference

At BlackHawk Data, our diverse team has a strong knowledge of the IT industry that allows us to offer clients not only our years of experience but also our high-touch personalized service. Our employees invest in our company and clients because they truly believe in our core value: that everyone should be able to contribute to both the company’s success as well as our clients and partners. We have long-standing relationships with vendors and we’re always looking for feedback from our partners.

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